Boat Slip Management

TWPOA Marina Boat Slip Process

Property owners who are currently assigned boat slips in the common marina (generally, owners of non-lakefront properties) may seek to upgrade their boat slip assignments.  Any property owner may request an auction to be held after a Board of Directors meeting.  Successful bidders exchange their current boat slip assignments for new boat slips that they may retain as long as they own their properties.  Please note that all boat slips in the common marina are owned by the Tara Woods Property Owners Association, not the individual property owners, and that only one boat slip can be assigned to a lot at any time. 

At present, five boat slips are available for auction:  the five shown as “Avail” on the diagram..

As shown in the marina diagram, there are three categories of boat slips for auction purposes.  Category I are directly accessible from the lake, Category II are on the inside of the “U” created by the piers, while Category III are others that are usable but may require some maneuvering, especially for large boats.  Minimum bids for auctions are established by the Association’s Board of Directors  in January of each year and are currently $500 for Category I, $300 for Category II and $100 for Category III.

When an eligible property is sold, the boat slip assigned to that property in the common marina becomes available for auction and the new owner is assigned a Category III slip, if available.  The new owner may, of course, request an auction and bid for the slip previously assigned to that property or for any other available boat slip.  A seller may request a pre-sale auction and, if the seller is the successful bidder, the new owner will be assigned the boat slip.

An eligible property owner may request a boat slip auction by contacting the Boat Slip Management Committee.

For more information on this process, as well as all the Boat Slip Management Committee are responsible for, click here.